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Latest version: June 16, 2009

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March 12, 1996 (GW)

March 25, 1996 (GW)

May 1, 1996 (GW)

May 2, 1996 (GW)

May 28, 1996 (GW)

May 30, 1996 (GW)

July 19, 1996 (GW)

August 12, 1996 (GW)

January 30, 1999 (version 0.94, GW)

February 6, 1999 (version 0.95, first version by UD)

November 28, 2000 (version 0.96, UD)

December 3, 2000 (version 0.96.1, UD)
  • added menu for choosing betwen Swing LAFs; for MacOS and Windows it defaults to the native look. Thanks for the suggestion to Stuart Roebuck.
  • made AWT-or-Swing file chooser a global setting
  • added runit.bat to zip file (was missing in 0.96)
  • removed special Java2 distribution, since the standard one works fine

April 14, 2001 (version 1.0b2, UD)
This version incorporates substantial improvements by Carsten Heyl and Luc Maisonobe.
Many thanks to them for their contributions!

December 9, 2004 (version 1.0, UD)
ProfileViewer has reached version 1.0! This will be the last release on my watch - from here on I'll no longer add anything new, just fix bugs and incorporate contributions from other people. This shouldn't make a big difference, as it has outlived its usefulness for the most part.
  • It is possible to hide the parameters of methods.
  • The LAF menu of all windows is properly updated when the LAF is changed.
  • The jRegex package is used instead of GNU RegExp, which is slow and not as feature-rich.
  • The use of the Java 1.1 Collections classes has been phased out.
  • An Ant build file has been added.
  • The code has been cleaned up in a few spots.

March 16, 2005 (version 1.0.1, UD)
  • Some versions of Suns gprof apparently use plus signs as delimiters; Guilhem Bonnefille supplied a fix for this.
  • All files now have Unix-style line endings (newline only), instead of a hodgepodge of Unix, Mac and DOS.
  • The fixcrlf target in the Ant build file was corrected to include all appropriate files.

April 3, 2009 (version 1.0.2, UD)
  • Replaced JRegex library by java.util.regex
  • Removed Look & Feel menu and capability
  • Some non-functional changes and code cleanup

June 16, 2009 (version 1.0.3, UD)
  • Added gprof parser for OS X
  • Removed "Use File Finder" switch; it's always displayed now

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