Image Warping

Author: Ulf Dittmer, based on image warping code by Axel Rosen


Description: This plugin warps an image along a straight line selection. All pixels in the region around the line are shifted in the direction of the line, from the starting point towards the end point. This is not exactly a scientific application, more an artistic and fun one. You may get a better idea of what's going on by playing with the original AlexWarp applet, which is used on numerous sites around the web for all kinds of images.

Choosing Warp from the menu turns it on for the foreground image. It can be turned on for any number of images at a time. Selecting the menu again turns it off for just the foreground image. While Warp is turned on, every straight line selection will be warped right away. The other selection tools and the rest of ImageJ work as usual.
The ImageJ log keeps track of for which images Warp is turned on.

Undo functionality is supported.

Here is an example of the plugin in action.

Installation: You can download the source file and compile it using the "Compile and Run" command, or download the class files Warp_.class, Warp_$ImageWarper.class and Warp_$MyColor.class and put them into the plugins folder. After restarting ImageJ, it should show up in the plugins menu.

Changes: January 2004
  • Initial version

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