Author: Ulf Dittmer


Description: Borrowing from the description of the Pixellate iMovie plugin, by which it was inspired:

"What is it?
This plugin takes an image or the active region of interest, and 'enlarges the pixels', thus creating a 'witness protection'-style result. The horizontal and vertical pixel size can be set independently. Used in conjunction with the optional opacity, it can also be used to create 'digital halos'.

When should I use it?
This effect creates interesting effects / distortions (especially when used with opacity), and is well suited for cases where you must obscure (for reasons of copyright, or to protect the innocent/guilty) parts of an image, but don't want to add an ugly black bar."

The size of the 'enlarged pixels' can be set independently in X and Y direction.

The opacity of the resulting image can be set as a percentage value. 100% means totally pixellated, 0% means no change at all, everything else means something in between.

All image types as well as stacks are supported. Either the whole image can be filtered, or the currently active ROI. The ImageJ Undo and Macro functionalities are supported.

Here is an example of the plugin in action.

Installation: You can download the source file Pixellate_.java and compile it using the "Compile and Run" command, or download the class file Pixellate_.class and put it into the plugins folder. After restarting ImageJ, it should show up in the plugins menu.

Changes: March 2004
  • Initial version

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