Movies I've recently seen   

  • Wind River IMDB:tt5362988
    • Life in Indian reservations can be nasty, brutish and short, all of which is on display here. A young FBI agent investigates a murder in an Indian reservation, and recruits a local hunter to help her. After lots mental and physical violence they succeed, thanks to the hunter sniffing out all human prey. Not easy to watch, but a reminder of how grim conditions still are in those reservations.

  • Loving Vincent IMDB:tt3262342
    • An animated movie consisting of tens of thousands of paintings, done in the style of Van Gogh and bringing some of his best-known pictures to life, while exploring his life and death. While different from what I expected, it was thoroughly enjoyable. I only wish I'd checked out some of the paintings he made of his friends and acquaintances beforehand, so I'd have been better prepared.

  • The Philadelphia Story IMDB:tt0032904
    • While the story of a society girl who suddenly discovers inner values after several men tell it to her like it is just before her wedding isn't particularly appealing, it's well acted by a superb cast to good comedic effect. Allowances have to be made for the fact that the script is from 1940 - time have changed since then.

  • Gremlins IMDB:tt0087363
    • I remember that I consciously avoided this one when it came out, but having seen it now, I can't for the life of me say why. Most likely I wasn't a fan of horror back then, but it's really more of a comedy - I laughed a lot.

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