The cewolf tag library is an easy way to embed charts in web pages. It's based on the capable JFreeChart library. Unfortunately, unlike JFreeChart, cewolf isn't maintained any more and hasn't been updated in a while. Since I needed to fix a few issues, and added a few small features, I figured I'd make them available for others to use. I may tackle other issues as I encounter them if they seem worthwhile doing.

I've recently become project lead of the cewolf SouceForge project, so from now on, all the latest releases will be available over there. The list below contains all the changes I made while the project was hosted here, but it will no longer be maintained; that's what SourceForge is for, after all.
For historical purposes, the last of my releases (cewolf-1.1-ulf.zip) is still here.

If any of my software has been helpful to you -or your company-, and you feel like expressing your gratitude beyond saying "Thank you" -which is also appreciated-, please note that I have an Amazon Wish List containing several inexpensive items.

The changes are: